Monday, April 19

The Brouhaha

I found a few shots that I over looked or just didn't think were that great, and did some work to them. I need some thing to do while I'm stuck inside with this hernia. :(
I couldn't get close enough to Tim with out making the transition look mellow, but how good does his shirt looks?
I met Harl for the first time and I could dance with him and Bear all night. This spot looks boring half the shot is just a concrete slab, but it's sketchy to land in.
Aric got this front board while Brett was trying the front blunt, while Kevin and Tosh were on the roof. Can't wait to see you guys again.
Preston was making so much noise the PTA upstairs couldn't coordinate their bake sale, the nice lady gave him one more try, Preston expressed his gratitude and got the line.

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