Friday, May 29


Thursday, May 28

chicken wings

MayTime with NAGASAKI from naga on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 26


Sunday, May 24

butt slammin

today we skated in rosemont and pat was trying to slay this flabity babity bar widda feebzel poz out. he got pretty beat up though. one of the attempts looked something like this....

thanks to dav for posting the play him off, keyboard cat on or else i wouldnt have found this beautiful version of scarlett takes a tumble.

Friday, May 22


Nagasaki Commercial from Bing Liu on Vimeo.

p franks

cum nachos for brunch

Thursday, May 21

Nagasaki protecting the world from robotic world domination



Pat Franklin from genebelanger on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 19

( . Y . )

these fine gentlemen go by rick james and pauwly. 
they will fuck you in the name of the naga.

Monday, May 18

Saturday, May 16

xenon girl of the 21st century

get drunk get crunk get fuuuhhhh uppppppp

can it really be so serious

Friday, May 15

pat rips ledge to shreds

Wednesday, May 13

Beerls nagasaki

Tuesday, May 12

well this is my first post.

this is my first contribution to the nagablog. uhhh dont really have much of a topic, so i guess i'll just post some pictures that i've saved to my computer over the past couple years and/or pictures and videos from my phone.

kitty close-ups.
up close and personal.
footy coming soon.
went for the peanut on top of the bottle, tipped the bitch, flipped a nut. (pun intended)
before pat got back from arizona, and everyone was at school during the day, this was pretty much the only guy i had to skate with...
juzt hangin outttttt. chillaxin.
enough with the squirrels, heres some more serious bizzzzz.

wellp thats my first post. hope you enjoyed it.


Devonta Nagasaki


Nagasaki episode 7 from Matt King on Vimeo.

cant skate heeeere

rjdood67 stickin the big onez

Naga-house owners...

tim tim

sum ladies reppin' the nagafamily

naga sistakrysta
chel chel
naga girlfirend chel chel

Monday, May 11


remember, there is no such thing as too wet.

Saturday, May 9

newest nagamember!!

this here is jasper "jenkums" johnson, a close relative of mine. he wants you to know that nagasaky is fuckin pimp as hell. and he wants you to check his grill. 

Thursday, May 7

Wednesday, May 6

First time at Euclid, and I didn't even bring my board.

Enjoy this.....


While enjoying Nagasaki's longest episode so far...

Nagasaki episode 6 from Matt King on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 5

nagasaki support coming from the chity...

this is adam "the general" millz.  he was raised in the great state of alabama.  he now resides in chicago.  he loves long dog walks, salad, and a good B.M. 

whilst on a trip to barcelona, Mr. Millz feebled across and down this awesome bank in order to make all the box's damp and tingley.

NAGASAKI fucks everyone...



I skated Des Plaines park today and was told that the local's former project JES was shut down by the poor state of the economy...

I told them they could be down for NAGASAKI and they were all for it!

You gotta love these dudes.

The Guzmans.


guzman 2.





And of course Prandini.


Fuck Good and Plentys.

NAGASAKI episode five from genebelanger on Vimeo.

shirtless hilvers in nagasakie five?

Monday, May 4


First off, everyone should run over to and click on the ads on the side of his page. Make a good friend of NAGASAKI some fat cash.

Secondly i've gotten word some Arizona heads are pretty down for NAGASAKI.

A man named Mango...


And some sort of Bear...

cody bur.

NAGASAKI five coming soon!

Sunday, May 3


We've been trying to get Nate Broussard to ride for NAGASAKI for a while now, but he never seems to return any of out phone calls or emails. So for the time being we are going to pretend he was super down from the beginning and he has officially joined the NAGASAKI roster. Watch Nate here and enjoy skateboarding a little bit more.

Feel Free Trailer from Feel Free Skateboarding on Vimeo.