Wednesday, September 30

Tuesday, September 29

get this guy a shirt.

What was on the back of his head?

He picked up Kevin's board every time he fell.

No, I'm not taking you picture.

Wednesday, September 23

chikn nugs

Matt King ten tricks from naga on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 17

Fulton Markt wth the gay bois

Set up this dumpster in a gap to grind formation... Kevin gap to five o'd it, tommy treid to crook and pat is a sleepy bech!

I think this is a little bit over due but....

RingPwn Teaser from david bowtie on Vimeo.

Video in the Making: RingPwn

Directed by: Eric Scholin & Pat Franklin
Filmed by: Eric Scholin & Tim Johnson
Featuring Full Length Parts From: Pat Franklin, Alex Newman, Matt Hilvers, Tim Johnson, Matt King, Eric Scholin, Erik Guzman, Friends, and Secret Special Guest.
Video Coming Eventually.

..and dont worry, the whole video's not going just going to be at DP park.

Wednesday, September 16

Tuesday, September 8

Monday, September 7


He's not a Construction Worker,

He's a Carpenter. ShiftyFlipFakie

Thursday, September 3

adam mills

seen here doing a wallie late bs shove...aka the south in your mouth

Wednesday, September 2

Tuesday, September 1